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Tom Saunders and Ecuador Beachfront Property; My game changer.

I have been looking all over Latin American for the perfect ocean front home. My dream has always been to own my own little palm tree paradise and wake to the sound of ocean waves and the smell of fresh salt air. However, I was on a pretty tight budget and I needed help.  It is a scary, difficult process looking and purchasing a home in a foreign country. Tom made the process fun and exciting. Tom’s knowledge of Ecuador’s real estate market, construction experience, and his friendly nature put me at ease right away. With Tom I was in good hands.

For anyone looking to find their dream home by the sea, Tom Saunders is the man to know. Tom is more than a great real estate agent; he is a true friend.

Thank you Tom for helping me make my dream come true. I love my house more and more every day.

Scott Mazur (April 2018)

Park City, Utah USA

We felt as though we won the lottery when we stumbled on Tom And Lynn Saunders' website in late 2013. We met early in 2014 and recently purchased a beautiful condo in Crucita with their help and expertise. Our experience with Ecuador Beachfront Property has been 5 star all the way!! Tom and Lynn go above and beyond their obligations as realtors and have assisted us in so many ways. They are always there to provide advice and also offer help with day to day needs, such as arranging drivers, repairs, restaurant and shopping recommendations.

We were honoured to spend New Years Eve with them this year and hope that it will be the start of a new tradition
Their, honesty, integrity and professionalism has been evident in all our dealings with them.
We highly recommend this wonderful young couple for any real estate transaction, please feel free to contact us.

Peter and Linda Wartski (April 2015)

Thornhill, Ontario
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Hello to all who may be considering buying property and moving to Ecuador. Hopefully my story will
help you in that decision.

Prior to finding Ecuador Beachfront Property I spent hundreds – literally hundreds of hours on the
internet scouring every imaginable country – you name it, I researched it. I finally landed on Ecuador
Beachfront Properties, saw one of their listings which looked promising from the great pictures on their
site, but also had a video link to Home and Garden’s show of Beachfront Bargains. That video “tour” is
what sold me. I knew I need look no further and my search had come to an end. Everything about the
house resonated to my core.

That was in July of 2017. Long story short, through emails, then eventually by a few phone calls, I got the
details of the house - it’s pros and cons and possible next steps. All along the way, Tom and Lynn were
low-key, never once tried to sell me, but provide me accurate information.  I then asked for references from clients such as myself from the states and what their experiences had
been. Each had glowing remarks with only positive things to say.

All this took a few months and at no time did I think I needed to see the property in person – my
comfort level was so relaxed due to how Tom and Lynn replied to each of my inquires. They had
customers willing to speak on their experience: check. They referred me to several Ecuador lawyers who
all responded how they had worked with Tom and Lynn in similar instances: check

So, I proceeded in the purchase. Bottom line is the transaction was very smooth and I never went to see
the property. One super important thing you should know is while the actual purchase was smooth and
clean, even greater value from Tom and Lynn was just kicking in.

The house needed quite a bit of upkeep because it hadn’t been cared for by the previous owner, and
Tom and Lynn gave me a quote on what it would take to get the house back to a good condition. Lynn
sent a ton of photos showing exactly what was needed and with all the details in hand (again, I still had
not seen the property) I gave them the green light to make those repairs.

Turns out my decision to purchase the property sight unseen was a good one, but the decision to let
Tom and Lynn get repairs done on the house was a great call. With their years of construction
experience, and their connections to the local labor pool, they made the needed fixes and took on that
burden completely. Lynn sent tons of pictures of the progress being made (LOTS of them!), suggestions
on interior design ideas, landscaping choices, fabric colors and options concerning some furniture
choices, paint colors, etc. You name it, she had the answers every step of the way.

On April 21, 2018, about 9 months from the time I started the process, I finally came to Ecuador as the
new owner. Once again, Tom and Lynn came through with even more service – they arranged for me to
be picked up by a great local resource who took hours to drive me to get supplies, showed me the area,
and once again, the transition to a home owner was just as easy and complete as possible.

As I type this on the terrace of my new home in Ecuador, I’m watching the sun melt in blood-red colors
into the pacific. The house is now almost completely fixed up as Tom and Lynn said it would be. More
details are still being worked on, but this morning Lynn spent several hours making sure the remaining
fixes by her crew were being handled correctly. Both Tom and Lynn’s bilingual skills were hugely
valuable as are their connections to the local labor on the maintenance needs for the house and I’ve
never seen such a hard-working bunch of guys as they completed taking care of alredy identified fixes,
but easily continued to implement new fixes under the watchful eye of Lynn.

Finally, in my situation, I won’t be able to live her until sometime in 2019, so once again, Lynn and Tom
are taking on the coordination of my finding renters and arranging for the property management of the
house until I do move here. This is just one more thing I don’t have to worry about simply because
everything Lynn and Tom have promised to do they have delivered. I can proceed to rent out the house
with confidence, knowing it will be handled correctly all the way.

Should you find a property on Ecuador Beachfront Property, and you are hesitant to proceed, don’t be!
Tom and Lynn are “the real deal” as to professional help and follow-through. They will take you from
inquiry to a satisfied home owner from start to finish and will have your back with all the details.
When you finally stand on a pristine Ecuador beach (the beaches here have NO sea weed, No rocks or
coral, just flat, smooth toe-pleasing sand) and that beach can be just steps from your front door, you will
know you did the right thing with your investment in this beautiful part of the world. Tom and Lynn will
help your vision come true – you will not be disappointed, I can promise you that!

If I can help you in your decision, don’t hesitate to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bruce Haines (April 2018)

Atlanta, Georgia

Our experience working with Tom and Lynn at Ecuador Beachfront Property was absolutely wonderful. From the very first email and phone call both of them were friendly, knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond normal expectations to help us feel comfortable and informed. In fact, we felt so good about the situation that we bought our beach home before we even traveled to Ecuador or saw the actual property. Tom introduced us to a wonderful bilingual attorney nearby who was able to assist us with a POA to complete the purchase from our home. When we arrived to see the area and home we had no surprises the property was just as we had expected and we could not have been more pleased.

Tom and Lynn’s excellent service to us did not stop after the purchase was made, they continued to be available to answer all our questions each step along the way. When we traveled to visit our home for the first time, Tom made arrangements to have a driver pick us up at the airport and take us straight to our home, this was a great blessing to us with this being our first time in Ecuador, not speaking the language and being very unfamiliar with the area and us arriving late in the evening. Tom was waiting for us at the home when we arrived with a bottle of wine to welcome us. He even lent us a cell phone to use during our short visit so we could stay in contact.

We really enjoyed our many visits with Tom and Lynn during our trip. The two of them are so personable and kind, it was not like a typical business meeting, but more like sitting down to chat with old friends. No matter what situation arose during our stay Lynn and Tom both always made time to stop and help us out and for this we are extremely grateful.

We would highly recommend their company and services to anyone looking to buy property in the area. Honesty, trustworthy and the utmost integrity will be what you are sure to experience.

Tom and Lynn thank you again for all you have done and continue to do!  We are looking forward to our upcoming move to San Clemente and could not ask for a more awesome friendly set of neighbors. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.

Aimee and Matt Garrett (February 2017)

Colorado, USA

Our Permanent Vacation

We met Tom and Lynn of "Ecuador Beachfront Property" in April of 2015.  Our goal was to find a place to lease on the beach in Ecuador somewhere near Manta.  Although retirement and starting our “permanent vacation” was still two years away, we were anxious to narrow our search down so we contacted Thom and Lynn at Ecuador Beachfront Properties. In truth, we had been in contact with several websites and had been an avid House Hunters International watcher since 2014 .

Since our first contact with Tom and Lynn, we had been very clear that we would resist the desire to buy and wanted to lease a place on the beach for at least year before we made any decisions about location, buying and quite frankly Ecuador.  They listened and were understanding.

Tom gave me a tour of several properties in Crucita, San Jacinto and San Clemente including some properties under development. There was no pressure but there was a great store of knowledge about the area, about building, about leasing, about Ecuador and living here.  Tom was the best of tour guides!

On our second visit (April 2016 before the earthquake) we fell in love with Ensenada del Pacifico in San Clemente.  It took a while, but Tom and Lynn stayed in contact with us while we wrapped our stateside affairs and moved to Ecuador. While in Cuenca and in Crucita, Tom and Lynn worked with us to find a condo in Ensenada del Pacifico that would accept a year lease.  It was a happy day when we signed the lease and planned to move to this stunning condo on the beach. It was and continues to be a dream come true.

The reality of living in this stunning and high quality condo is due in great part to Tom and Lynn. Their knowledge, honesty, understanding and willingness to help us live our “permanent vacation” made this happen.  For that those reasons and for the joy of knowing this fine family we are grateful.

Geoff Miller and Mac Dunkin (September 2017)

San Clemente, Manabi, Ecuador

Having a beachfront home in a tropical region had always been a dream of ours. My wife Danielle lived in Montreal all her life until moving to NJ in 2010. As a young child she knew someday she would be living on a beautiful beach in the tropics, NJ was that first step south to her dream.

I grew up in NY and lived for the summer going to Nathan’s in Coney Island and playing on the beach until the sun went down. When my children were young it was time to leave NY and head south (50 miles to the Jersey Shore). It wasn’t a big move but it was one step closer to the real south and eternal summer of my dreams.

In 2008 Danielle and I met, you guessed it, on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. In 2012 Danielle and I married and immediately started thinking how we could make our dreams a reality. We started reading many books and magazines about retiring in the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Panama or Ecuador. Neither of us had ever been to Ecuador so it was time for a fact-finding visit. By 2014 we had done a lot of research but really felt like it was a shot in the dark picking the right place and where do we start. That is when we came across Lynn and Tom. Right from our first correspondence we felt we had made friends. Tom made arrangements for a taxi to meet us at the airport (who ended up waiting about an hour for us); the driver was so nice he even apologized to us for our flight being delayed. About 10 minutes after arriving in our room Lynn was there to give us a warm greeting with her son in her arms. We would spend the next 10 days having a few meals together in the local restaurants with them and their 2 sons.  When Tom was not showing us around to see homes or land he would he give us suggestions on where to go with a genuine concern of what WE were looking for.

I can really go on with many stories of walking into town with Lynn, Tom, and the boys. Each time we would pass the locals in the street who would always greet Tom & Lynn with a smile and exchange some kind words in Spanish. We had a confirmation that they were as genuine to their local neighbors as they were to us.

Ok I will tell just one story. One day we were driving through town and Tom stopped a man on his bike to say hello and remind the man that he owed him money for work he did. The man said “no problem I will come to see you when I need it”. Tom smiled at us and said, “I am his bank”. It was so nice to see that level of trust.

Well it is 3 years since that visit. We did buy a beautiful double lot right on the water just south of Canoa during our visit, a huge step toward our dream! Tom helped us with every step along the way and gave us great peace of mind.  We have now put ourselves in a position to start building in about 1 year or maybe rent for a while and get ready for our next big decision. I emailed Tom about our plans and by the next morning Lynn responded and set up a time to talk. During that talk Tom was as pleasant and helpful as always to help us with our next step.

I’d like to end by saying Tom & Lynn are an absolute pleasure to deal with. I have been in the building business for 40 years and have dealt with many realtors, lawyers, architects and contractors in that time. They are as genuine and trustworthy as you can get always putting us at ease with such a big move to a foreign country. They are a wonderful family living a dream and simply wish to help others find their dream!


Danielle Brodeur  & Victor Cresci  (Feb. 2017)


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