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- Ecuador Beachfront Property - began quite unexpectedly.


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Way back back in the year 2005, two young graduate students, Tom and Lynn Saunders, became enamored with Ecuador,


Tom and Lynn Saunders


first during a visit to the Galapagos Islands




and then in 2006 while doing water quality research in the Ecuadorian highlands.


Ecuador Real Estate


During this second visit, we decided to take a week to explore the coast and were quickly taken by the tranquility, the laid-back lifestyle, and the tasty seafood.


Ecuador food


 We found ourselves in the small coastal town of Crucita so Tom could do some paragliding.  He flew on the soft coastal breeze for a couple of hours and when he landed, announced that we needed to look for property. 


Paragliding Ecuador


Within 48 hours we had purchased our first Ecuadorian beach house! 


Crucita Ecuador Real Estate


At that time, we were both in graduate school completing our doctorates at the University of Florida.  After a brief flirtation with a formal academic career, some water quality-related work with non-profit organizations in Ecuador's rainforests, and many adventures while rescuing our sailboat from the cold grips of Chicago...


Go Gators Hawkswood in the Bahamas Hammocking


We landed back on the coast of Ecuador having taken a leap of faith that we would find the means to make a quality life for ourselves here. We had our first child in 2010, born just outside Quito, obtained our permanent resident visas, and began to dedicate ourselves to building a growing website that promoted first our own beachfront resale properties and eventually those of other sellers.


Ecuador Beachfront Real Estate


Tom has now been a licensed real estate broker in Ecuador for many years.  In addition to real estate, we also began a construction arm to our business and custom-built multiple beachfront homes.  See our testimonials to learn more.


Construction Ecuador


We eventually designed, financed and built our first multi-unit development, Ensenada del Pacifico, in the beautiful beach town of San Clemente. 


Ensenada Del Pacifico Condos Ecuador Beachfront Real Estate


Ensenada Del Pacifico is now completed and we manage fully-furnished beachfront condo rentals for our clients.  Come visit us for a week or longer to get the lay of the land and we can help you hunt for your own spot in the sun.




 Our next projects are already under way.  Please get in touch, share your story, and let us know what we can do to help you.

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Licensed Real Estate Brokerage in Ecuador

Licensed Real Estate Agent Ecuador

National Association of Realtors: International Member

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