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I had the fortune or the luck to come across while searching for my piece of paradise in Ecuador in 2009. I have done as much as possible of a research on Tom and Lynn as I could, as i was doing the initial part of the purchase over the internet. I have got from them all the information and support that i needed to go ahead and fly down to close on the property. Much later did i found out that there is a plenty of unscrupulous real estate agents, that are happy to take you for a ride. Tom and Lynn are not one of them.....If you want to have an experienced, honest, and caring team on your side, they are your people. You can absolutely trust them, as they are people of a very high integrity, and it will be apparent to you the moment you meet them. Unfortunately my circumstances have changed, and i had to sell my little pice of paradise in the fall of 2012. Thanks to tom and lynn,  the sale was smooth, and i didn't even fly down to sign the paperwork. tom and Lynn took care of all the necessary details, with minimum requirements on my part. They are a true gems, i highly recommend them.

Michaela Bartakova (November 11, 2012)
   New York City,  New York

Having grown up in a family of home builders, and having my own home inspection company, I have a lot of experience with home sales and realtors. My wife and I decided to retire in Ecuador in 2014. We had done a lot of research on the country. We knew we wanted to purchase a home. Our lucky day came when we met Tom Saunders. He went over every detail of our purchase with us giving us the security that we needed for this process. Meta and I are 100% satisfied with Tom and would have no problem recommending him to anyone needing help with the purchase of a home or property in Ecuador. Feel free to contact me with any questions atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

David & Meta Carpico (October 2014)
   San Jacinto, Ecuador

I am very fortunate to have had the assistance and friendship of Tom Saunders and his wife, Lynn in locating, purchasing, and managing my condo at Arena Sol y Mar II in Crucita over the past several years.  They have assisted in choosing furniture, securing tenants, arranging for HOA and utility payments, scheduling prompt repairs, and providing expert concierge-style service to the guests in my Crucita "home."

Both Tom and Lynn have exhibited honesty and integrity throughout our association and have been members of the community for over 7 years; I have no hesitation in recommending their services  either in purchasing or managing property in Manabi.

Please feel free to contact me should you have further questions about their services.

Bob Faske (May 2013)
   West Palm Beach,  Florida
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our new house is located in a tiny town on the coast of Ecuador, on the beach, and was built by Tom Saunders in 4 months flat. For anyone who's attempted such a feat, that's a shocking accomplishment. Especially if it's built to North American standards. In retrospect their knowledge, experience, and savvy made our first (and probably only) built home a very satisfying experience overall.
Again, thank you Tom for accommodating, facilitating, and expediting our dream.

Stephen and Kerri Sweeney (September 2012)
Snohomish,  Washington


When I came to Ecuador to research real estate prices; I didn’t know what to expect. The very next day I arrived in Manta. I called a few local agents but due to their inability to find me something in my price range and in a comfortable area, I decided to call Ecuador Beachfront Property. A gentleman by the name of Tom Saunders answered. He asked me some basic questions on what I was looking for. After a brief conversation, I agreed to visit him in the town of San Clemente, a small cozy town just a little under an hour drive from Manta. It was a welcomed site. It was quiet and had a friendly vibe to it. Tom met me in town. Thank God, he knew Spanish to guide the taxi driver to our meeting spot.

Upon my arrival, he and his charming family invited me into his home for a cool beverage and showed me online some of the properties that might interest me. Once we decided on a couple, he took me on a tour of these properties.  I have to admit that it was a hard decision to choose which property I wanted.  Once back at his home, I got to meet some more of his family, mom and dad. The whole family welcomed me and fed me a great lunch.  When it was time to make a decision Tom and his lovely wife, Lynn gave exact details of what to expect. I allowed Tom to act on my behalf and left a power of attorney to him, which was the easiest way to go due to the fact that my flight left in a couple of days. They were very trust worthy and kept me in the loop at all times. It is good to know that when I do return to Ecuador, I have friends.


Dean W Willingham (November 2014)
   Pheonix, Arizona

We always dreamed of owning a beachfront property and opening a guesthouse, after years of traveling to destinations around the world we decided on Ecuador.  We surfed through numerous websites and found , printed out listings and returned to Ecuador to explore and determine if the properties were truly as beautiful as portrayed on the internet. Much to our delight – they were very nice! 

We contacted Tom Saunders as our real estate agent and scheduled several showings, after contemplating our budget and reviewing prices on existing homes plus renovation costs we decided to buy a parcel of land and build with Tom.  This was our first build and Tom graciously accommodated our requests, we handed over a rough sketch of our dream home and Tom took it from there employing an architect to complete blue prints and site design. Tom introduced us to our attorney:  Vicente Ruperto Palma Garcia, who coordinated the necessary legal work for purchasing the property and ensuring a clear title/survey and permits to build.  Tom communicated with us via Skype and email keeping us informed of the progress that was being made on our property while we were wrapping things up in the states. 

Tom’s wife Lynn was very helpful in recommending accommodations, drivers and day trips during the numerous visits that we made while the work was in progress.  Tom and Lynn Saunders have exceeded our expectations! 

The guesthouse is open and we are very happy with our new lifestyle. We highly recommend in fact, friends of ours have recently invested in a condominium project that the Saunders family is building.  Thank you Tom and Lynn, it has been a pleasure doing business with you and developing our friendship along the way – Saludos!

Please share our information with potential clients, we’ll be glad to answer their questions and accommodate them at our guesthouse when they visit Ecuador!

Marty Williams & Jim Franks (February 2015)

Casa WF, San Jacinto, Manabi - Ecuador


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