I started looking into Ecuador as an investment/retirement opportunity 10 years ago. I knew I wanted something there, but wanted it to be the right thing. I saw this condo through an online search for listings. Ecuador Beachfront Property had the listing. I did the online request for additional information. Andrew Sweeny replied to me and we set up a Zoom meeting. Andrew could not have been easier to work with. We talked for over an hour about all sorts of issues; many of which weren't about the property itself, but were answers I needed to decide if this was the right opportunity for me (healthcare for expats, how do closings work in Ecuador, are there property managers available, was the area a safe place to be, travel

in and out options).

Andrew was extremely professional while also being so helpful and willing to take all the time I needed to get my answers. I put the property under contract and felt little anxiety, even though I was buying something 4,000 miles from my home in the US and going off of pics from the listing 

Andrew put me in touch with an attorney to handle the closing, a property manager to handle the property for me while I am in the US, and even arranged a driver to bring me from Guayaquil to Bahia when I flew down for the closing. He was always responsive to any and all questions I had. He and his wife even came to Bahia to have a celebratory dinner with me after the closing. 

I have purchased many properties in the US over my life and this purchase was as easy as any I have been a part of in the US. The condo exceeded my expectations and the entire experience was remarkably easy, all things considered. I have a condo that exceeded my vision and dreams for what I would have for my family and I as I work toward retirement in the US. I'll split my time between the condo and the cabin I am building in Montana. 

I have friends VERY interested in doing something similar in Ecuador after hearing my experience and seeing the pics from Bahia. I have told them all to contact Andrew and Ecuador Beachfront Property. These are my closest friends and I know they'll be in good hands if they decide to make a purchase in Ecuador. 


Craig Crawford (April 2022)

Stanford, Montana