We met Tom online in 2012, while looking for a property on the coast of Ecuador.  At the time, he was the agent for a nice little condo on the beach in Crucita.  When we found that condo too small for what we wanted, he introduced us to his Ensenada del Pacifico project in San Clemente.  We loved the location and layout options, and bought in immediately.

 When we visited in the summer of 2013, Tom gave us a tour of the property and area.  His enthousiasm and excitement about the project were contagious.  Construction started in the summer of 2014, during our second visit to Ecuador.  It was fascinating to watch.  Tom and Lynn kept all their buyers in the loop during the construction with pictures and videos.

 We were set to take possession of our unit in June of 2016 and had our third trip to Ecuador booked for the summer.  But the earthquake in April of that year changed that.  The buildings suffered cosmetic, but no structural damage.  I was going to say fortunately, but in reality, it was because of the quality of the construction.  When Tom first showed us the plans for the project, he bragged that it would be built to earthquake standards exceeding California’s.  A 7.8 magnitude quake

proved him right!  Tom and Lynn managed the insurance claim, repaired, finished and delivered the project.  We took possession in August of 2017.

Since then, Lynn has been our property manager, keeping our unit rented and coordinating maintenance.  We are very pleased with her efforts.

We visited our finished unit for the first time in the summer of 2018.  It is everything that we hoped it would be.  We retire at the end of 2019, and will be starting to spend our winters in Ecuador.  We are so excited to be in San Clemente and at Ensenada del Pacifico.

Buying pre-construction in Ecuador has its risks.  But Tom and Lynn delivered on all their promises, through the difficult times after the earthquake.  I would not hesitate to buy into another one of their projects.

Diane and Rob Lamontagne (April 2019)

Ottowa, Ontario