I first heard about the beautiful coast of Ecuador from watching House Hunters International. I was surprised how reasonable beachfront property was and decided to learn more. I found Tom and Lynn’s Ecuador Beachfront Property website and learned a lot from their blog alone, even before speaking with them. I sent an email to Tom and he was kind enough to speak with me on the phone. He called me and spent 45 minutes answering all my questions (I had a lot!!!)

From that point on, we established a great relationship, and we decided to work with them to find property for my husband and I on the coast. Choosing their new property, Ensenada del Pacifico in San Clemente was a no-brainer, and they guided us through each step of the purchasing process with ease. Being from the US, we were not familiar with Ecuador laws and regulations and Tom and Lynn provided us with answers and arranged for a power of attorney to assist with the purchasing process while we were in the States, guiding (and translating when necessary) us through every step. This process was easier than I would have imagined with

their help.

Now that we are in our beautiful beachfront condo, they continue to provide excellent service, taking care of our property when we are away, and providing top class assistance when we return. Tom and Lynn have been living here over 12 years. They are raising their family here and are well-connected to the community. We have already benefitted from some beautiful local art work.

The thing that initially drew us to them is what continues us to appreciate them to this day. They care deeply about this community, provide excellent service, and build superior, high quality properties. I am so glad we found EBP and that Tom was patient enough to answer my questions the first time we spoke. Reputable, authentic people like them are like gold and we are the richer for their services.

Alice Gandelman and Bill Freedman (January 2019)

Vallejo, California