Hello to all who may be considering buying property and moving to Ecuador. Hopefully my story will
help you in that decision.

Prior to finding Ecuador Beachfront Property I spent hundreds – literally hundreds of hours on the
internet scouring every imaginable country – you name it, I researched it. I finally landed on ecuadorbeachfrontproperty.com,

saw one of their listings which looked promising from the great pictures on their
site, but also had a video link to Home and Garden’s show of Beachfront Bargain Hunt. That video “tour” is

what sold me. I knew I need look no further and my search had come to an end. Everything about the house resonated to my core.

That was in July of 2017. Long story short, through emails, then eventually by a few phone calls, I got the
details of the house - it’s pros and cons and possible next steps. All along the way, Tom and Lynn were
low-key, never once tried to sell me, but provide me accurate information.  I then asked for references from clients such as myself from the states and what their experiences had been. Each had glowing remarks with only positive things to say.

All this took a few months and at no time did I think I needed to see the property in person – my
comfort level was so relaxed due to how Tom and Lynn replied to each of my inquires. They had

customers willing to speak on their experience: check. They referred me to several Ecuador lawyers who
all responded how they had worked with Tom and Lynn in similar instances: check

So, I proceeded in the purchase. Bottom line is the transaction was very smooth and I never went to see
the property. One super important thing you should know is while the actual purchase was smooth and
clean, even greater value from Tom and Lynn was just kicking in.

The house needed quite a bit of upkeep because it hadn’t been cared for by the previous owner, and
Tom and Lynn gave me a quote on what it would take to get the house back to a good condition. Lynn
sent a ton of photos showing exactly what was needed and with all the details in hand (again, I still had
not seen the property) I gave them the green light to make those repairs.

Turns out my decision to purchase the property sight unseen was a good one, but the decision to let
Tom and Lynn get repairs done on the house was a great call. With their years of construction
experience, and their connections to the local labor pool, they made the needed fixes and took on that
burden completely. Lynn sent tons of pictures of the progress being made (LOTS of them!), suggestions
on interior design ideas, landscaping choices, fabric colors and options concerning some furniture
choices, paint colors, etc. You name it, she had the answers every step of the way.

On April 21, 2018, about 9 months from the time I started the process, I finally came to Ecuador as the
new owner. Once again, Tom and Lynn came through with even more service – they arranged for me to
be picked up by a great local resource who took hours to drive me to get supplies, showed me the area,
and once again, the transition to a home owner was just as easy and complete as possible.

As I type this on the terrace of my new home in Ecuador, I’m watching the sun melt in blood-red colors
into the pacific. The house is now almost completely fixed up as Tom and Lynn said it would be. More
details are still being worked on, but this morning Lynn spent several hours making sure the remaining
fixes by her crew were being handled correctly. Both Tom and Lynn’s bilingual skills were hugely
valuable as are their connections to the local labor on the maintenance needs for the house and I’ve
never seen such a hard-working bunch of guys as they completed taking care of already identified fixes,
but easily continued to implement new fixes under the watchful eye of Lynn.

Should you find a property on Ecuador Beachfront Property, and you are hesitant to proceed, don’t be!
Tom and Lynn are “the real deal” as to professional help and follow-through. They will take you from
inquiry to a satisfied home owner from start to finish and will have your back with all the details.
When you finally stand on a pristine Ecuador beach (the beaches here have NO sea weed, No rocks or
coral, just flat, smooth toe-pleasing sand) and that beach can be just steps from your front door, you will
know you did the right thing with your investment in this beautiful part of the world. Tom and Lynn will
help your vision come true – you will not be disappointed, I can promise you that!

If I can help you in your decision, don’t hesitate to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bruce Haines (April 2018)

Atlanta, Georgia