Recently I took a trip to Ecuador to look at some property to buy. When planning my trip I researched a few different areas of the country and realtors in Ecuador. I contacted 4 or 5 people there and decided to visit the Crucita area where Tom Saunders and his wife Lynn live. My experience with them and was great. They are fluent in Spanish and English and helped with everything from start to finish. Flights, transportation, lodging, food, you name it. I flew into Quito and they suggested a local Hotel that they had stayed at. The next day I had someone waiting for me at the airport in Manta when I arrived who took me to my hotel in Crucita. I had a great stay at a Hotel for 14$ a night which included breakfast. They arranged tours of local properties for sale, answered all my questions and helped with sightseeing and tours of the local area. After I left Curcita, they helped with lodging and transportation to the Isle de la Plata area and my then transportation back to the airport in Manta.

After visiting I decided to buy 2 properties in the Crucita area and they arraigned help for me from Local attorney who completed the purchases. The process of buying property was clear and complete thanks to the help from Tom and Lynn and when I left Ecuador the help didn’t stop. They helped complete the buying process and are helping me plan and build on one of my properties. They offer a complete service from start to finish.

I couldn’t have had such a great vacation and buying experience with out their help. They made me feel welcome and at home in Ecuador. I highly recommend Tom and Lynn Saunders and for your next trip to Ecuador.  

Sincerely, Andy Yearous (April 2012)
Wadena, Idaho