I found my little house inside the condominium development of Arena, Sol, Y Mar in Crucita on the web, while I was searching for retirement property in Ecuador. 

I flew into Quito to meet Rafael Andrade, the civil engineer, in September, 2010. We flew into Manta and taxied to Crucita the following day.  While staying at my house in Crucita for several days, I met Tom Saunders, his lovely wife, Lynn, and newborn son, Kai, along with Carlos, the architect.

We made trips to the city of Portoviejo to consolidate the closing paperwork on the purchase of the house and shop for household items. Portoviejo is a shopping mecca to purchase nearly anything under the sun.  

I fell instantly in love with the small and developing fishing village of Crucita, which felt somewhat rudimentarily lost in time compared to life in the United States. The locals were exceptionally friendly with many restaurants providing savory foods at very reasonable prices.

From the balcony of my house, I enjoyed watching paragliders fly down from the hills and the waves roll in from the clean waters of the sea with a temperate climate and refreshing breezes. I took short walks frequently to the park and into town to admire the ingenuous culture of Ecuadorians.

I visited the condo buildings with their breathtaking views of the ocean and town of Crucita. The condominium construction is truly a remarkable feat with an immense amount of materials and labor. I invite any prospective buyers to contact me.

Tom was undoubtedly the best agent I ever had, who called frequently and emailed answers to my many questions. Rafael was legally knowledgeable about the purchase process and sophisticated in dealing with the notary and land registry offices in Portoviejo.

I would like to thank everyone above for all their assistance in making my trip so enjoyable and property purchase successful in such a professional manner. I look forward to returning to see all of them soon and live happily in Crucita.



Darlene Brock (November 2010)
Fort Walton Beach, Florida