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Our new house is located in a tiny town on the coast of Ecuador, on the beach, and was built by Tom Saunders in 4 months flat. For anyone who's attempted such a feat, that's a shocking accomplishment. Especially if it's built to North American standards. In retrospect their knowledge, experience, and savvy made our first (and probably only) built home a very satisfying experience overall.
Again, thank you Tom for accommodating, facilitating, and expediting our dream.

Stephen and Kerri Sweeney (September 2012)
Snohomish,  Washington


The greatest thing that we can say about buying land with the guidance of Tom Saunders is that there were really no surprises and we were well prepped for what to expect throughout the process.  I think the most difficult part of any deal in life is matching expectations to reality.  Although sales is important, solid servicing separates the Saunders from the rest of the herd.  In this light, they have a history of providing us with timely suggestions, observations and general information re: activities which may be influencing the value of our purchase.  Their personal experiences as successful land owners and facilitators for sellers and buyers has served them well.  We have joined the ranks of satisfied customers and are looking forward to working with them through the construction phase on our property.

Mike and Linda Dexter (February 2013)

Olympia, WA

We would like to recommend Tom Saunders without any reservations based on his services to us with both the purchase and sale of beachfront properties in Ecuador. We met Tom and Lynn in 2010 while searching for our retirement destination. They provided us with a gamut of options from completed homes to bare lots and gave us a very honest and realistic representation of what would be involved in purchasing existing construction versus building a custom home. They guided us through each step of the purchase process of our beachfront lot. When our retirement plans changed for personal reasons, Tom enabled us to resell our lot through them from the US. We have been impressed by Tom's transparency and integrity throughout our business dealings and for making us feel very much at home in Ecuador with their warmth and kindness.

Bob and Claudia Dutkiewicz (April 2013)
Phoenix,  Arizona

On a 0 to 100 percent scale I would rate Tom and Lynn Saunders performance in enabling my wife and I to live in Ecuador for 6 months in two excellent locations along the coast as 101%. They both went the extra mile to insure we were thoroughly informed, prepared, and ready to begin an exciting new venture.
They are a fine couple and complement each other perfectly. They are to us so much more than real estate agents, Tom and Lynn are friends who we treasure for who they are, as they are excellently suited for what they do.  Without proper preparation, U.S. citizens can experience shock when departing the friendly, safe and comfortable living enjoyed in the U.S. and this is where Tom and Lynn can make the difference between an adventure of a lifetime or a nightmare.  They do so much more than just renting one a place to live. They insure your arrival is planned with a dependable taxi driver who knows you by name. Their web site is an abundant source of valuable information availabe nowhere else online. Both Tom and Lynn are available to answer any and all questions one may have and more importantly, they will give you information on topics and cultural variances that you may not even be aware of. And lastly, they will not desert you after you sign a lease. It is at that time they go the extra mile, after the lease is signed.

Richard and Elizabeth Rohrbacher (December 2012)
Palm Desert, California

I found my little house inside the condominium development of Arena, Sol, Y Mar in Crucita on the web, while I was searching for retirement property in Ecuador. 

I flew into Quito to meet Rafael Andrade, the civil engineer, in September, 2010. We flew into Manta and taxied to Crucita the following day.  While staying at my house in Crucita for several days, I met Tom Saunders, his lovely wife, Lynn, and newborn son, Kai, along with Carlos, the architect.

We made trips to the city of Portoviejo to consolidate the closing paperwork on the purchase of the house and shop for household items. Portoviejo is a shopping mecca to purchase nearly anything under the sun.  

I fell instantly in love with the small and developing fishing village of Crucita, which felt somewhat rudimentarily lost in time compared to life in the United States. The locals were exceptionally friendly with many restaurants providing savory foods at very reasonable prices.

From the balcony of my house, I enjoyed watching paragliders fly down from the hills and the waves roll in from the clean waters of the sea with a temperate climate and refreshing breezes. I took short walks frequently to the park and into town to admire the ingenuous culture of Ecuadorians.

I visited the condo buildings with their breathtaking views of the ocean and town of Crucita. The condominium construction is truly a remarkable feat with an immense amount of materials and labor. I invite any prospective buyers to contact me.

Tom was undoubtedly the best agent I ever had, who called frequently and emailed answers to my many questions. Rafael was legally knowledgeable about the purchase process and sophisticated in dealing with the notary and land registry offices in Portoviejo.

I would like to thank everyone above for all their assistance in making my trip so enjoyable and property purchase successful in such a professional manner. I look forward to returning to see all of them soon and live happily in Crucita.



Darlene Brock (November 2010)
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Recently I took a trip to Ecuador to look at some property to buy. When planning my trip I researched a few different areas of the country and realtors in Ecuador. I contacted 4 or 5 people there and decided to visit the Crucita area where Tom Saunders and his wife Lynn live. My experience with them and was great. They are fluent in Spanish and English and helped with everything from start to finish. Flights, transportation, lodging, food, you name it. I flew into Quito and they suggested a local Hotel that they had stayed at. The next day I had someone waiting for me at the airport in Manta when I arrived who took me to my hotel in Crucita. I had a great stay at a Hotel for 14$ a night which included breakfast. They arranged tours of local properties for sale, answered all my questions and helped with sightseeing and tours of the local area. After I left Curcita, they helped with lodging and transportation to the Isle de la Plata area and my then transportation back to the airport in Manta.

After visiting I decided to buy 2 properties in the Crucita area and they arraigned help for me from Local attorney who completed the purchases. The process of buying property was clear and complete thanks to the help from Tom and Lynn and when I left Ecuador the help didn’t stop. They helped complete the buying process and are helping me plan and build on one of my properties. They offer a complete service from start to finish.

I couldn’t have had such a great vacation and buying experience with out their help. They made me feel welcome and at home in Ecuador. I highly recommend Tom and Lynn Saunders and for your next trip to Ecuador.  

Sincerely, Andy Yearous (April 2012)
Wadena, Idaho

From the initial contact to the completion of our purchase of the condo, Tom and Lynn Saunders were very helpful and honest throughout. They went out of their way to make sure everything was taken care of, and done properly to ensure a pleasant and comforting transaction. Ecuador has so much to offer, and is making progress in such a positive fashion we continue to be pleased with our choice to invest and enjoy this wonderful country.

Jess & Angela Juettner (November 2011)
Kamloops, BC Canada

I had the fortune or the luck to come across while searching for my piece of paradise in Ecuador in 2009. I have done as much as possible of a research on Tom and Lynn as I could, as i was doing the initial part of the purchase over the internet. I have got from them all the information and support that i needed to go ahead and fly down to close on the property. Much later did i found out that there is a plenty of unscrupulous real estate agents, that are happy to take you for a ride. Tom and Lynn are not one of them.....If you want to have an experienced, honest, and caring team on your side, they are your people. You can absolutely trust them, as they are people of a very high integrity, and it will be apparent to you the moment you meet them. Unfortunately my circumstances have changed, and i had to sell my little pice of paradise in the fall of 2012. Thanks to tom and lynn,  the sale was smooth, and i didn't even fly down to sign the paperwork. tom and Lynn took care of all the necessary details, with minimum requirements on my part. They are a true gems, i highly recommend them.

Michaela Bartakova (November 11, 2012)
   New York City,  New York

I am very fortunate to have had the assistance and friendship of Tom Saunders and his wife, Lynn in locating, purchasing, and managing my condo at Arena Sol y Mar II in Crucita over the past several years.  They have assisted in choosing furniture, securing tenants, arranging for HOA and utility payments, scheduling prompt repairs, and providing expert concierge-style service to the guests in my Crucita "home."

Both Tom and Lynn have exhibited honesty and integrity throughout our association and have been members of the community for over 7 years; I have no hesitation in recommending their services  either in purchasing or managing property in Manabi.

Please feel free to contact me should you have further questions about their services.

Bob Faske (May 2013)
   West Palm Beach,  Florida
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When I came to Ecuador to research real estate prices; I didn’t know what to expect. The very next day I arrived in Manta. I called a few local agents but due to their inability to find me something in my price range and in a comfortable area, I decided to call Ecuador Beachfront Property. A gentleman by the name of Tom Saunders answered. He asked me some basic questions on what I was looking for. After a brief conversation, I agreed to visit him in the town of San Clemente, a small cozy town just a little under an hour drive from Manta. It was a welcomed site. It was quiet and had a friendly vibe to it. Tom met me in town. Thank God, he knew Spanish to guide the taxi driver to our meeting spot.

Upon my arrival, he and his charming family invited me into his home for a cool beverage and showed me online some of the properties that might interest me. Once we decided on a couple, he took me on a tour of these properties.  I have to admit that it was a hard decision to choose which property I wanted.  Once back at his home, I got to meet some more of his family, mom and dad. The whole family welcomed me and fed me a great lunch.  When it was time to make a decision Tom and his lovely wife, Lynn gave exact details of what to expect. I allowed Tom to act on my behalf and left a power of attorney to him, which was the easiest way to go due to the fact that my flight left in a couple of days. They were very trust worthy and kept me in the loop at all times. It is good to know that when I do return to Ecuador, I have friends.


Dean W Willingham (November 2014)
   Pheonix, Arizona

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We would like to recommend Tom Saunders without any reservations based on his services to us with both the purchase and ...

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