Ecuador Beachfront Property S.A.  (S.A. is an Ecuadorian LLC) offers multiple avenues for you to diversify your assets with an investment in Ecuador Real Estate.

We have been investing, developing and building on Ecuador's coast for nearly 10 years.

The first phase of our in-house designed and built project, Ensenada Del Pacifico, is now nearing completion.


We tackled three new fields at once: business, Ecuador, and construction.  To say that we have felt challenged would be the least of it.  We've learned a lot and at the end of the day, the growing pains have made us stronger.  We now have created a unique view into the development process, beachfront, in Ecuador.  We created a construction company, a real estate agency, and a development promotion and financing company... learning the ropes of the Ecuadorian escrow system for completing real estate projects.

Options for Diversifying your Income

  • Create a Self Directed IRA or use your existing one to purchase a beachfront condo, commercial property, or home here in Ecuador.
  • Buy a beachfront lot now and hold it as an investment.
  • Buy a lot and build a home for future sales or rental.
  • Purchase a condo at pre-construction pricing through a escrow service.
  • EBP Investment Syndication - Join a capital investment pool to do any of the above, based on available opportunities as they arise here in Ecuador.  We are looking to create a growth-focused capital pool limited to 20 invited participants.   Please feel free to contact us directly for information.

Large Land Parcels

If you are looking for large parcels of land, prices ranging from $1,000,000 to $40,000,000 for personal, hotel and/or development ventures, please contact us directly to set up a call.  We know of multiple, amazing beachfront parcels and we can help you identify, negotiate, and purchase the perfect property to suit your needs.

We look forward to working with you!